Friday, May 19, 2006

This time I mean it

Apparently this time she is not kidding. BN is leaving Mr. BN. Lucky bastard, he just got his get out of jail free card and doesn't even realize it. BN insists she had to get a new pink Razor phone to avoid her husband. She said he calls her non-stop on her old phone and she had to have her number changed. I wonder if she realizes her old phone could have gotten a new number. Anyways, she has had enough and has left, in words only. Seeing as they never lived together, I am not sure how the whole walking out thing went. How can you leave somewhere you never were? She has already been on a few dates. She wastes no time. She told me the day after they both agreed to divorce, Mr BN caught her somewhere with her boyfriend and that's when the change of heart occurred and the stalker like phone calls began. Look Mr BN, take your chance and run like the wind you damned fool!! The dinner date she went on was with another guy. She didn't eat any dinner, just got drunk. Talk about a bargain for that guy. Just get her all liquored up, fuck her and then tell her in the morning you bought her the lobster.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The roommate

Lou Lou and my BIL have a temporary roommate. He is a nice guy and one of my BIL's closest friends. He is in town on and business and will only be staying there for about 6 weeks. Of all my BIL's friends, he has chosen not to try and point out Lou Lou's inconsistencies to her sickness and mental illness or her faults. None of my BIL's friends or their spouses like Lou Lou. Odd coincidence? Stan, the roommate, was talking to Ann the weekend after the CPS worker went and paid Lou Lou a visit. He said that Lou is the most selfish, conniving bitch he has ever met. He thinks she will run off again and leave BIL. He used to live with them for about 2 years before he moved off, so he has seen a lot. He hopes she takes her oldest daughter and leaves the baby with BIL and just disappears. She has pulled this stunt in the past. We all keep hoping she will do it again. In August her middle daughter goes back to her real father. When he and Lou Lou divorced she signed agreeing that 1 week before the daughter starts Kindergarten, she will return to her dad and he will have full and sole custody. We think this will trigger a episode and she will take the oldest child and leave. Lou Lou told Stan she wishes it could just be her and the oldest again. She was happy then. Don't let any of us stop you. Leave the baby, return the middle one early and get the hell on. He also told Ann as soon as she got there the baby needed a bath, she hadn't had one in awhile. He didn't say specifics, just it had been awhile. Ann said the house was a disaster. If CPS had just been to my house, with the possibility of coming back anytime un-announced, my house would be spotless. The girl is clueless.

I have not talked with Lou Lou since her hospital stay and CPS visit. I have thought of many things I want to say to her. I have always bit my tongue out of love and respect for my BIL, but I don't know if I can anymore. She is completely selfish, she cares for no one, her husband or her kids. I don't like this girl at all and don't think I could listen to anymore of her "Poor me, I'm so sick stories." I am just going to have to tell her, look bitch, I have three kids too and I work full time, and I keep my house clean and I cook meals and I take care of me and my husband. You are a worthless and lazy piece of shit. Aaaahhh, wouldn't that be nice. I know me, I'll just smile, listen and say nothing. But one day I will tell that bitch off.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Time flies...

So it has been almost 2 full weeks since I have posted anything. My youngest son got the chicken pox. That was an interesting 7-8 days. He did really well. Not to much scratching, no scars. Neither of the other 2 children show any signs of a break out, thank goodness. The 16 yr old would just die, or so she says. BN was out for about a week and MM has been sick, so it has been crazy. But today starts a new week, and everyone is here today, so hello a little free time.

Do you ever look at a coworker and wonder if they looked in a mirror before they left home? How do you not see those huge ass flakes on top of your head? Hair parted right down the middle today, with flakes Tony the Tiger would be proud of. They're GRRREEEAATTT! I just want to shake her, but then the raging blizzard that would ensue would make working impossible.

Lou Lou had to take a drug test Tuesday, no news on the results. Ann picked up the baby yesterday on her way home from my house. Lou Lou was whining about having a really tough week. Um, let's see, you spent the past 2 weeks in bed "sick" watching TV. Yeah, honey, that's some hard times. Husband and roommate cooking, cleaning and tending to children while you are laid up. How does she do it?

On a funny note about me. I took some trash out to our dumpster this morning. Forgot to check the bottom lock, got locked out of the building. The bad part was I was in the back, inside the chain link/barb wire fence with all the gates pad locked shut. Nothing like having to bang on the bay doors for ten minutes to make you feel like the dumb ass you are. The guys in the warehouse only teased me a little. Nice guys - they feel sorry for me and my lack of common sense this morning.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Is this really the end?

BN and Mr. BN are fighting again, shocking I know. Apparently he is tired of her crap, I don't know what took so long. He told her to shape up or ship out. So she told him she'd ship it right to her boyfriend's house, she didn't need him. I am not sure why these two are even married, they don't live together, she has a boyfriend and swears Mr. BN is a raging alcoholic, oh yeah baby, lets fight for this marriage and make it work. Whatever.

Also BN informs me this morning that she wore a shirt that she wouldn't have to worry about the girls escaping from. She is on the phone intercom describing it to me. She must not have looked in the mirror. She said it has a high V neck and covers her boobs. 1st time she comes down the hall, all I see is boobs. V neck my ass, that neck line is plunging down to her belly button. The only improvement this shirt has over yesterday's catastrophe is it has an elastic neck line with no buttons. Ofcourse by 10 a.m. the elastic was shot. Before the day is over I am pretty sure boobs will be flying out of that 3 sizes to small shirt as well.

Another thing she does that pisses me off - Everyday at 3 - 3:30 p.m. she puts on a lot of make-up. Why couldn't you have done this at 7:30 a.m. Why did we have to look at your tired eyed washed out shit all day? I just don't understand somethings. I look at her and it amazes me she has a husband and a boyfriend - she must give some amazing head is all I can think.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Plus size clothing PLEEEASE!!

BN comes into my office first thing the morning, never a good thing for me on Monday. She starts telling me how she went shopping over the weekend and spent almost $300 on new clothes, thank you God, a lot of her outfits barely fit and cover her. The outfit she is wearing is one of the things she got over the weekend. The shirt is barely able to close at the top button which hits mid-breast. So as usual she is showing way to much cleavage for me and busting out of that damn blouse. About 30 minutes later she comes back to me asking for a safety pin so she can keep her blouse closed and buttoned. I don't carry safety pins, I buy my shit the right size the 1st effing time.
At lunch she pulls up in her car, almost hits the building because she is on her cell phone screaming at Mr. BN, and then locks her keys in her car! She brings in lunch, but everyone's drinks are now locked in the vehicle. She finally gets someone to break into it for her, comes into the lunchroom to eat. As she is sitting down her shirt button busts open and out pop the girls. Most of us were watching the news and missed it. However, MM who sits across from her at the lunch table got full frontal nudity. I have never seen anyone grab their goods so fast and make a hasty retreat. I think MM was a little pink faced over the incident as well. The other guys were disappointed they missed the free show, she maybe nasty, but most men will tell you - "Tits are tits!"

Friday, April 28, 2006


Yesterday at lunch we are all sitting in the break room eating when Cletus walks in. He goes over to the sink and starts washing out a bowl. This bowl has been sitting in the sink for two weeks now. The water in it was murky and the throw away spoon he left in it had a weird film on it. I don't think any of us would have noticed it had he not left the throw away spoon in there. Why wouldn't you just throw it out? We have a whole box of disposable spoons in the drawer. He gets out the toilet cleaner and squirts it in the bowl and proceeds to wash the bowl and throw away spoon. He must have missed the fact that washing dishes with clorox toilet cleaner is just disgusting. (He learned nothing from the coffee pot incident!) Why are you washing a disposable spoon, get a new one already. He then pours his soup into the "clean" bowl and microwaves it. Uses the throw away spoon that sat in murky water for 2 weeks to eat with. I just don't get it. How hard is it to clean your dish and not leave it fermenting in the sink for 2 weeks. And why in the hell would you save a disposable effing spoon?!? The company provides plastic bowls and utensils. He is just so disgusting and has no freaking clue. I guess between the bleach in the toilet cleaner and the heat from the microwave he killed any mold and fungus growing in there.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What do these people think...

I can't believe in all my Lou Lou drama I have neglected big nasty. Nothing major has really happened with her. She has not improved her work any, and her personal life has been rather dull, but her hair has been funny. Having suffered the haircut from hell myself a few weeks ago, I feel bad saying anything, but not bad enough to keep my mouth shut. So she comes to work after having her cousin and a friend cut and color her hair. Allegedly the cousin and friend work in a professional salon and have licenses, which should be revoked. She came in from having her hair colored on Sunday with 2 in roots. How do you not get down to the root? And it was chunky multi-colors. It was sad. That night she went home and colored it really dark, the next day red. So now we have a reddish/maroon hue. You can imagine the frizziness and damage that accompanies 3 colorings in 3 days. Atleast it has taken the attention off my still growing short haired disaster. I really have to get a camera in here and get some pictures!